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Bringing in plants to your home creates a feeling of an oasis as well as filling those empty corners in a space that you just don't know what to do with.

We have created a list of our top indoor plants for your homes, dependant on your own personal space.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Known as the "Ficus lyrata") Our absolute favourite indoor plant at the moment (and seen everywhere), boasting thick green leaves and a long stem, This plant is as close to a tree as you can get in your home.

Position near a window or under a skylight - basically as much light as you can give it. This plant is the perfect all rounder it will adapt to your environment and grow slowing in an apartment with lower light or flourish and grow very tall and bushy in a home with alot of light. Place in a oversized round ceramic indoor pot and it quickly changes your space oozing style.

Water once a week - The soil on this plant should feel dry as roots can rott with over-watering.

Mother in Laws Tongue or Snake Plant, is great for a medium to low light situation but appreciates a little sun from time to time. It’s not a fan of too much water, especially in the cooler months when it will quite happily go without a drink for long periods of time. The great thing about this plant is it creates more of a modern look in a space and needs very little attention - The perfect plant for someone with brown thumbs.

Kentia Palm (Known as "Howea forsteriana") The leaves of this plant spring to great heights from the soil then lean forward, quietly shading the ground beneath and it should be given lots of space. The benefit of this palm is it can grow in both indoor and outdoor areas so it will adapt with you and what you decide to do.

We love the Kentia Palm as it creates a more tropical, and colonial style feel when put in the right area, adding sophistication and a calmness.

Requires medium to bright light - Water weekly.

Split Leaf Philodendron (Known as "Monstera delicious") this plant has a distinctive leaf that looks as though it’s been gently cut into by a careful hand. Adding a more tropical feel to a home, you can cut off the top as long as it has air roots attached and replant it. Another great idea if cutting off some branches and placing it in a vase of water for added decoration on a console or bar cart and they last and last.

The Split Leaf is a nice combination of modern and whimsical, and looks best in minimal spaces. Place either on a sideboard or in a corner on a stand like the one below for added height in your space. Water once a week or leave in a vase, Usually lasts a few months if in a cool area out of direct sunlight.

If looks alone are not enough to convince you to embrace the humble house plant, they also come with added benefits. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide helping purify the air around you. Studies have also shown that a few well placed plants in your home have also been known to help people recover from stress and fatigue, by creating a calming environment.

Pick your style and start adding to your home. You can even mix some of the above plants for bit of variety and height contrasts, be sure to do the same with your ceramic pots for added interest in your spaces.

Alli Ledowsky

Laguna and Co.


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